Tribute to Civil Defense Force, a.k.a. the White Helmets, and its management in Idlib city

Promoted by the needs of our fellow Syrians in Government-free territories to radiography services support most of which are out-of-budget, and in-line with our goals at Orient for Human Relief to aid them and alleviate their suffering, OHR has establish an Integrated Radiology Center in Orient Medical Assembly in Idlib, which provides radiography services to those who need them, for free.

Radiology Center Equipment

Orient for Human Relief had launched the first-in-kind Integrated Radiology Center, where free radiography services are provided, in:



C.T Scan

CT Scan

Ultrasound 4D


Coordination from the Department of Civil Defense

The CDF, a.k.a. the While Helmets have graciously taken the initiative in preparing the installment space of the MRI machine at Orient Medical Assembly in Idlib, in addition to working together with OHR staff on receiving and moving the machine to where it is going to be soon operational.

With much appreciation and gratitude to their efforts, Orient for Human Relief awards this Tribute Letter to the White Helmets CDF on their collaborative work with us on servicing our public in Government-free territories.

More Relief Services

Relief Services

Food Supplements
Food Packages
Hygiene Kits
Clothes Kids
Flour (Kg)
Wool Blankets
Education supplies
Atropine Shots
Pyrene (kg)
Kirk Vitamin
Multivitamins kids

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