The fourth camp

Orient for Human Relief, in cooperation with Multifaith Alliance, has completed the establishment of the fourth camp in western Idlib, after being completed quickly according to standard criteria. Orient aims to accommodate displaced families and alleviate gatherings in overcrowded camps as part of an emergency response campaign to prevent Coronavirus. Orient is also getting prepared to set up five other camps in the coming period.

As a continuation of the emergency response campaign to address the largest wave of displacement in the region, Orient for Human Relief, in cooperation with Multifaith Alliance, completed the establishment of the fourth camp near the village of Mariamin, west of Idlib. The land of the camp was chosen according to standard criteria to avoid the formation of mud, torrents, water pools, air quality, and other health standards.

The camp was accomplished at record speed and then housing of newly displaced families or those from overcrowded camps has begun according to regular mechanisms to alleviate congestion for fear of an unknown future in light of the spread of Coronavirus in neighboring countries. Based on the repeated warnings of the United Nations on the catastrophic situation in the event that the Coronavirus arrives in the region and considering the humanitarian duty, Orient has established priorities to reduce congestion and raising health efficiency among civilians.

Orient also set a plan to establish five other camps in several regions that are being prepared to accommodate new numbers of stranded IDPs who are unable to secure shelter amid the deteriorating living conditions and the lack of international and local aid.

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