The fifth camp

Days after the establishment of the fourth camp, Orient for Human Relief in cooperation with Multifaith Alliance completed the establishment of the fifth camp in western Idlib according to criteria meet the needs and requirements of the IDPs in housing as well as to achieve the conditions of distancing in the densely populated camps with IDPs as a preventive measure taken by Orient under the spread of Coronavirus in neighboring countries.

She was stranded and eventually brought to a camp in the Jisr al-Shughour countryside, west of Idlib, Hajj Hilala al-Shaheen from the city of Kafr Nabl has suffered so much as a result of repeated displacement and her inability to secure a shelter for her family. After the establishment of the Fifth camp in the area by Orient for Human Relief in cooperation with the Multifaith, she was one of the beneficiaries of the camp.

The fifth camp comes days after the end of the fourth camp in the same region in order to meet the requirements of the IDPs in providing a shelter following the displacement trip and the suffering of moving from one place to another looking for relative stability, where Orient has mobilized its staff to complete the work quickly, ensure that the needy families are accommodated and take preventive and precautionary measures during the establishment of the camp to meet the conditions of distancing as well as reduce overcrowding in random camps.

It is noteworthy that in its endeavor to secure shelter for the IDPs and reduce random gatherings amid the spread of Coronavirus in neighboring countries, Orient intends to establish new camps in separate areas within the series of camps it establishes in northwestern Syria, in addition to its medical support and ongoing relief campaigns.

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