Surgical Hospital in Reyhanli, Hatay, Turkey

Many of the emergency cases are referred to Orient’s clinics in Reyhanli, especially the ones that requires a surgical intervention immediately. Due to the expertise of the doctors working in these clinics, Orient for Human Relief dedicated a special unit within the clinic as surgical hospital in March 2015, and a surgical room equipped with all surgical instrument and medical equipment was established.

The following clinics were operated at the Hospital

Surgery Clinic

Emergency Clinic

Orient surgical hospital in Reyhanli continued to operate till 05/2015 with a total funding by the Orient for Human Relief, then the hospital was merged with “Orient clinics in Reyhanli” as an emergency department specialized in minor surgeries only, due to the restrictions implied by the Turkish Health Directorate on major surgeries.

Hospital Statistics

The total number of treated patients in the center


Number of minor surgeries in the hospital


Number of major surgeries in the hospital


Beds for Patients


Operation Rooms


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