Surgical Hospital in Maarrat al-Nu’man, Idlib, Syria

Maarrat al-Nu’man is one of the most susceptible areas to bombings in Idleb countryside due to its proximity to Syrian army camps in Wadi Deif and Al-Hamidiah. Thus, Orient for Human Relief was aimed at establishing a surgical hospital in Maarrat Al-Nu’man. The hospital covered Maarrat Al-Nu’man city, and the areas surrounding it from Jabal Zawiya to Maarrat Al-Nu’man east countryside and performed an average of /10/ to /15/ surgeries daily.

The hospital had /35/ inpatient beds, two ambulances, two fully-equipped Orthopedic and General Surgery Operating Rooms, a radiology department, and a laboratory. The staff consisted of /8/ doctors from different specialties, and /12/ nurses.

The Targeting of Maarrat al-Nu’man Hospital

The Syrian regime air force bombed Maarrat al-Nu’man Hospital with an explosive barrel, which led to extensive destruction in the hospital’s infrastructure and ambulances and left medical staff and resident patients with many injuries. This vicious attack was the primary cause for the closure of Maarrat al-Nu’man Hospital.

The following clinics were operated at the Hospital

Internal Medicine Clinic

Pediatrics Clinic

Orthopedic Clinic

Surgery Clinic

Emergency Clinic

After the Syrian regime regained power over the army camps surrounding the city of Maarrat al-Nu’man, it conducted brutal attacks on Orient Surgical Hospital and most medical centers in the area, resulting in a great wave of displacement. Due to the above reasons, Orient for Human Relief stopped operating the surgical hospital in Maarrat al-Nu’man by the end of 12/2014.

Hospital Statistics

The total number of treated patients in the center


Number of medical tests performed at the hospital


Number of radiology images performed at the hospital


Number of major surgeries in the hospital


Number of minor surgeries in the hospital


Beds for Patients


Operation Rooms


Ambulance Systems


Professional Nurses


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