Surgical Hospital in Kafr Nabl, Idlib, Syria

The surgical hospital in Kafr Nabl is known as the “Orient Hospital”, and it is one of the biggest hospitals established be Orient for Human Relief on July 2013 in southern Idleb countryside, and the hospital provides various medical services, and it does not cover only people of Kafr Nabl, but also the entire area of southern Idleb countryside, and the northern Hama countryside, which is around /400/ thousand people.

The number of workers in the hospital is around /156/ workers eighteen of which are doctors. The hospital contains four operation rooms, five intensive care unit beds, two life supporting breathing machines, two ambulances, three newborn intensive care units, thirty-five hospital beds, seven dialysis machines, medical laboratory, an x-ray imaging mobile machine to use for simple x-ray imaging, and a complete pharmacy that provides most of medications free of charge.

Targeting Kafr Nabl Hospital

The hospital was targeted multiple times by the Syrian Regime air force, and several members of the medical team working in the hospital, were martyred and injured, as well as patients, and a lot of damage was done to the building and medical equipment. After every attack the Orient for Human Relief did not hesitate to restore the building and compensate for the shortage of medical supplies to keep the workflow in the hospital.

The following clinics were operated at the Hospital

Internal Medicine Clinic

Gynecology Clinic

Pediatrics Clinic

Surgery Clinic

ENT Clinic

Neurology Clinic

Emergency Clinic

Cardiology Clinic

Gastroenterology Clinic

Urology Clinic

Orthopedic Clinic

Dialysis Clinic

After ISIS domination of Kafr Nabl city, and its repeated targeting to medical staff, as well as its direct intervention with the hospital work, Orient for Human Relief tried on 05/2016 to transfer the hospital to the local council in the area to continue what Orient started.

Hospital Statistics

Number of medical tests performed at the hospital


Number of radiology images performed at the hospital


Number of major surgeries in the hospital


Number of minor surgeries in the hospital


Number of admitted patients in the hospital


Number of babies that Required NICU in the hospital


The total number of treated patients in the center


The total number of medications distributed by the hospital


Beds for Patients


Operation Rooms


Dialysis Devices




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