Relief Services

Support for Refugees on the Greek-Macedonian Border

Orient for Human Relief and other humanitarian organizations are participating in the humanitarian help and support offered to the refugees stuck on the Greek-Macedonian border. Orient for Human Relief has established a medical point that welcomes hundreds of patients on a daily basis, as well as food support, clothes, and blankets that were distributed with the help of other humanitarian organizations.

Orient for Human Relief sent a team of fully equipped medical team, to offer important medical services to the refugees stranded on multiple European borders. The medical team will provide basic medical services and health care for adults, children, seniors, as well as diabetic patients.

Health Center on the Greek Border

Orient for Human Relief medical team includes General Internal medicine clinic, Surgical clinic, pediatric clinic, as well as a complete Pharmacy that distributes free medicine to refugees in need. The medical activities will include the distribution of food, clothing, and blankets, as well as the psychological support refugees need.

Medical Services for Refugees

The medical team of Orient for Human relief works 24 hours a day to provided the necessary health care, as well as treatment for the injuries resulted from long walking distances.

The Director of Orient Medical Campaign

The director of Orient for Human Relief “Dr. Ammar Martini” is the leader of the medical team. Dr. Ammar stated “this crises is undescribable, so our team is dedicated to insure the well being of refugees and their families”. Martini predicted that the number of refugees in the European borders will double, and he stated that his team will go above and beyond and will spare no effort providing the necessary help, confirming that this line of work is a humanitarian duty for the Orient team.

The Orient for Human Relief mission continued working for /10/ days in the camps established in the Greek-Macedonian border, and the team was able to distribute help for more than /2,000/ refugees located in those camps.

More Relief Services

Relief Services

Food Supplements
Food Packages
Hygiene Kits
Clothes Kids
Flour (Kg)
Wool Blankets
Education supplies
Atropine Shots
Pyrene (kg)
Kirk Vitamin
Multivitamins kids


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