Physical Therapy Center in Jabal Zawiya, Idlib, Syria

Physical Therapy (PT) is a type of medical care that is offered to individuals of all ages who have suffered bodily injuries that affect their movement and physical functions. PT attempts to stimulate the functionality of injured body parts, restore their normal mobility and increases the level of physical stamina.

Due to the ongoing war in Syria and the considerable number of civilian areas targeted by bombing, thousands of injuries and disabilities have been arising which need follow-up treatment succeeding first aid and surgical operations, particularly in limbs and spine. Thus, Orient for Human Relief took initiative to create a physical therapy center in Jabal Zawiya area in the Idlib city.

Jabal Zawiya PT Center

Orient Medical Centers refer the patients who need follow-up treatment to the “Jabal Zawiya PT Center” where a group of specialized technicians begin the treatment process by conducting the necessary medical tests and X-rays to properly diagnose the injury and to determine the correct type of treatment, which is one of the followings:

Physical exercise therapy

Radiation therapy

Electrical stimulation therapy

As the need for more critical health centers increased, Orient for Human Relief ceased to support the Physical Therapy Center at Jabal Zawiya by the end of 12/2014, and handed it over, fully-equipped, to the local council in the region to carry on its operation.

The following clinics were operated at the Center

Physical Therapy Clinic

Emergency Clinic

Center Statistics

Total number of patients treated in the center


Number of nurses worked in the center


Number of physicians worked in the center


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