Participation in the Evacuation of the Displaced from Damascus Countryside

Orient for Human Relief was quick to welcome the displaced residents of Eastern Al-Ghouta located in rural Damascus. Orient for Human Relief has mobilized all of their staff at their medical emergency system and their mobile clinic and guided them to point zero, in order to serve the displaced with the basic needs and some food supplies and to transfer the injured and patients to the nearest hospitals and clinics.

The work team started at 2:00 pm the first time the first batch of displaced people arrived from Al-Ghouta. The work continued for six consecutive days, and was coordinated with the health directorates and other organizations participating in the response.

The Participation of Orient for Human Relief

Orient for Human Relief participated at performing emergency medical care and transporting the patients and injured people to the nearby hospital and clinics.
Mobile Orient clinics provided medical care for children and women. Some basic needs and food supplies were distributed, in addition to social services, health services, psychological support, and nutrition

Medical Services

Tents for children and women were established to follow up on poor nutritional conditions, in addition to tents that is specially prepared for the most urgent medical emergency situations. Pharmacy tents were established as well.

Urgent Medical Conditions

  • 186 War related injuries.
  • 171 Pediatric conditions.
  • 47 Internal medical conditions.
  • 132 OBGYN conditions.
  • 1279 Poor nutrition related conditions.
  • 44 Emergency conditions that required an ambulance.
  • 870 Psychological conditions.

1479 kids were vaccinated with Polio oral vaccine in addition to vitamin A supplements

More Relief Services

Relief Services

Food Supplements
Food Packages
Hygiene Kits
Clothes Kids
Flour (Kg)
Wool Blankets
Education supplies
Atropine Shots
Pyrene (kg)
Kirk Vitamin
Multivitamins kids

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