About Us

The Orient for Human Relief Organization is a humanitarian non profit non political organization, that’s is unrelated to neither political nor militant agenda or any other agenda that any of the parties of the Syrian conflict is trying to achieve in any of the areas the humanitarian activities takes a place at. The Orient organization operates staff, offices, and programs solely relating to it and totally independent from any media or economic cooperations. While being funded by different sources.

The Orient for Human Relief Organization is solely humane oriented, unbiased, and independent, while operating within Syrian borders and Turkey, as well as all other locations. The Orient Organization respects Human rights, international laws and all relating to it. All Those subjects are deeply related to what this Organization stands for.

The Orient for Human Relief Organization works thoroughly on human relief during crises concentrating on the most vulnerable such as women, seniors and children, focusing on preserving the dignity and the rights of refugees.

The Orient for Human Relief Organization Adheres to the principle of neutrality without bias to any of the religious, political, doctrinal, or militant parties, while committing to offer the humane needs for persons in need without favoring any ethnic, gender specific, or religious groups.

The Orient for Human Relief Organization sympathizes with all victims who were harmed by the Syrian war, and confirms the total support and compassion for all victims who were affected and harmed by any shape of form during the Syrian conflict.

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