Orient Social Studies Center in Reyhanli, Hatay, Turkey

Most of the students enrolled in Reyhanli city schools in Turkey have suffered from the harsh war outcomes, which reflected negatively on their psychological status and social interactions, and that what led Orient for Human Relief to establish a psychological and social rehabilitation center for students enrolled in Orient Reyhanli school.

Orient Social Center Goals

There were many problems with Syrian students after arriving to Turkey. These problems were caused by the difficulties of blending with a new culture that had different values and traditions from their original culture in Syria, especially that majority of students witnessed bombing, destruction, and displacement in their cities and villages, which led the experts in Orient for Human Relief to keep a track of these cases and evaluate them. Orient for Human Relief understood the importance of offering psychological support for affected students. Students were categorized according to their health status in the Orient students’ social center, so they could receive special therapy that would help them return to their normal lives.
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Activities of the Orient Social Center

The center was sure to provide all the joy and happiness to its students. Orient Social Center matched students with psychologists and counselors, that comfortably approached students to improve their outlook on life, and confirmed the importance of studying, working, and socializing with their friends. The therapist offered students encouraging gifts and arranged students’ trips with the sense of love and friendliness among these students.

Religious Education in the Center

The center focused on the religious and moral aspects of students’ lives, due to their huge effect on their personalities. The center offered Holy Quran learning lessons taught by highly qualified, collage degree holding tooters. The students were divided into two classes:

Children Classes

children are taught the correct way of reading Holy Quran.

Youth Classes

focuses on “Tajweed” rules of Holy Quran.

The religious activities in the center contain encouraging competitions among all levels, and the winners were rewarded with symbolic prizes.

The centered continued operating the entire time Orient school in Reyhanli was operating. The psychological counseling department in “Orient School for the high achievers” continued the mission of monitoring the psychological and social situation of the students, because the honor students achievements are not complete unless their entire health spectrum is taken care of.

Center Statistics

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