Orient Sewing Workshop in Reyhanli, Hatay, Turkey

Orient sewing workshop was established June of 2013 in Reyhanli city in Turkey, and this workshop offers refugees job opportunities in the city and areas surrounding it, in addition to its role in providing the needs of Orient’s centers and some camps.

Orient for Human Relief since its establishment made sure that it is a relief organization that covers the needs of all Syrian citizens, the ones in need inside Syria, and the ones who found a refuge in a neighboring country, especially Turkey, and that is why Orient established “Orient Sewing Workshop”.

The Preparing of the Sewing Workshop

The workshop includes about /35/ sewing machines, /10/ embroidery machines, /3/ Ironing Machines, and most of the workers came from poor families because of bred winner absence, either because the father died, was arrested, or was disabled during the current Syrian war.

The Production of the Sewing Workshop

Most of the Orient’s sewing workshop production is used to provide the administrative and medical staff with the appropriate outfits, for example: doctors and nurses uniforms, as well as surgeons and paramedics uniforms. Other example of the workshop production would be Orient’s schools uniforms, including teachers and students uniforms, and the production overflow will be donated to the poor families especially the ones in the refugee camps on the Syrian boarders.
Orient’s sowing workshop production has reached about /16,200/ peace of clothing that includes:
  • Medical Field: /4,500/.
  • Educational Field: /1,700/.
  • Humanitarian Field: /10,000/.

Sowing Workshop Improvement

In order to increase the productive capacity of the workshop, more sowing machines were added, and sowing classes for girls were held, which will graduate around /25/ girl a month, and offering job opportunities to the good ones, or holding a hiring competition.

Orient’s sowing project stopped in the month of June 2015, and as an appreciation to their efforts, every one of the workers was given a sowing machine, in addition to a money prize, as a form of support and encouragement, so they can use it if they decided to continue the sowing career.

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