Orient School in Reyhanli City, Hatay, Turkey

Education is one of the noble messages of Orient for Human Relief, which is closely related to good upbringing, and the formation of a generation that respects others, love its homeland, and is affiliated with its school and community, and this belief drove Orient to Establish Orient school in Reyhanli city in Turkey at the beginning of 2013-2014 school year. The most important goal of the Orient school is that Syrian children, who were displaced by the ware and destruction in their homeland, will be able to continue their education, and possibly have a brighter future.

Equipping Reyhanli Orient school

Orient school in Reyhanli consists of an independently made building divided in to three units connected to each other, which forms three educational clusters.

In the Orient School, the morning attendance schedule was organized in the following order:

The first gathering

consists of the first and second graders.

The second gathering

consists of the third and fourth graders.

The third gathering

consists of the fifth and sixth graders.

In the Orient School, the evening attendance schedule was organized in the following order:

The first gathering

Female students from 7th to 12th grade.

The second gathering

Male Middle School students.

The third gathering

Male High School students.

The education in Orient school in Reyhanli

  • Orient for Human Relief followed the strategy of quantitative absorption, given the large number of students and the lack of schools.
  • The students are registered in a school level according to a test done to determine their level, especially the ones whose education was interrupted because of the war in Syria.
  • The educational staff and management were picked due to there experience in education, qualification in the learning field, as well as their management knowledge.
  • The school offers advanced curricula, computers, science labs, and all the necessary learning supplies free of charge.
  • The school goes by plans and schedules that facilitates the work of students and educational staff.
  • The school always seeks to honor outstanding student, so these students will keep up their high grades.
  • The school offers free transportation for students.
  • The school focuses on students who are academically behind and offers them additional classes to improve their academic level in different educational levels.

The summer club in the school

Orient school management in Reyhanli worked on taking care of gifted students, and established a summer club for them, under the supervision of qualified teachers, so these students occupy their free time, satisfy there needs, and develop their skills. This club contains the following activities:

  • Academic activities: help the student achieving academic and life skills.
  • Social activities: such as field trips, competitions, volunteer work, health awareness, and first aid.
  • Religious activities: contribute to instilling noble values and morals in students.
  • Cultural and artistic activities: includes theatric shows, library, and Arabic writing art classes, painting, and design classes.
  • Sport activities: which includes individual and group sports. The school has a soccer field and gymnastic hall.

Orient school in Reyhanli continued offering its services for two years, then Orient continued its educational effort through “Orient School of the High Achievers“, which is considered to be one of the most ideal schools in Reyhanli city.

School Statistics

Total number of students in the school




Total number of HR in the school


Statistics of HR

  • Teachers
  • Tutors
  • Management
  • Service Staff

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