Orient School in Nizip, Gaziantep, Turkey

With the beginning of the increased movement of Syrians to the Turkish camps, approximately six thousand people arrived to Nizip camp close to Gaziantep City including lots of children who dropped out of school, which led Orient for Human Relief to establish a school in Nizip city in the beginning of second semester of the school year 2012-2013. The school serves around two thousand students in all age groups including: kindergarten, elementary, middle school, and high school. Both Syrian and Libyan curriculum are both taught in the school.

Equipping Orient school in Nizip

Orient school in Nizip consists of three buildings. There are /11/ divisions in each building, and /3/ management rooms, to fit all student from the camp. The schedule of the school is divided in to two shifts (morning and afternoon). The school staff is distributed as the following:


/16/ Supervisors

Primary school level

/21/ teachers, and /3/ principles

Middle school level

/10/ teachers, and /4/ principles

The high school level

/15/ teachers, and /6/ principles

The students of Nizip Orient school

The number of students in Nizip school is around /1,900/ students distributed among school levels and classrooms in the following order:

  • Kindergarten: which includes /6/ classrooms that contain collectively more than /300/ children.
  • Primary school level:
    • First grade: consists of /6/ classrooms that contain more than /300/ students.
    • The second grade: which consists of /4/ classrooms with more that /200/ students.
    • Third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade: contains /3/ classrooms for each grade. Each grade has more than /150/ students.

  • Middle school level:
    • The seventh grade: consists of /2/ classrooms with more than /125/ students.
    • The eighth grade: consists of /2/ classrooms with more than /100/ students.
    • The ninth grade: consists of /2/ classrooms with more than /100/ students.

  • The high school level:
    • The tenth grade: consists of /2/ classrooms wit more than /75/ students.
    • The eleventh grade: consists of one classroom with more than /25/ students.
    • The twelfth grade: consists of two class rooms one offers the Syrian curriculum, and the other classroom offers Libyan Curriculum. Both of the classrooms have more than /75/ students.

Orient school in Nizip works not only on teaching, but also on vocational training. The school contains around /80/ sewing machines to teach sewing, two computer skills classes, private men and women hair styling class, and a “TÖMER” class for college students who are seeking Turkish Universities.

School Statistics

Total number of students in the school


The number of classrooms in the school


The number of HR in the school


Statistics of HR

  • Teachers
  • Tutors
  • Management
  • Service Staff

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