Orient School for the High Achievers in Reyhanli, Hatay, Turkey

Due to the increasing numbers of Syrians displaced to Turkey, many of whom are students and teachers who cannot attend their schools anymore, OHR opened the Orient School for the High Achievers (OSHA) in the city of Reyhanli in the 2015-2016 school year to help students continue pursuing their education, and to provide qualified teachers with another employment opportunity.

OSHA’s success during the first two years of its launch has convinced OHR to continue fulfilling its educational role through it; the school had hosted thousands of Syrian students, and is considered one of the top educational institutions in Reyhanli. OSHA constitutes a four-story building with a spacious adjacent yard, and can host more than 600 students from both sexes.

Targeted Groups

OSHA targets Syrian students in both elementary and middle schools, i.e. students from grades 1 through 8. OSHA especially focuses on students who had to leave school and students who find it difficult to integrate into Turkish schools due to financial or language barriers.

School Sections

/24/ Classrooms

/7/ Administrative Rooms

Computer Room

Science Laboratory

Psychological Guidance Section


Sports Stadium

Storage Hall

Security and Safety Office

Computer Room

Computers have become an important and effective part of the educational process. They provide an easy way to help students understand their material and to provide information in a fun and enjoyable way. Thus, a computer room was added and equipped with a set of desktop computers. A school website was also launched: https://okul.orienthr.org. The website aides in the educational process and allows parents to monitor the progress of their children and their school records. The computer room is also used to provide programming courses for interested high-achieving students, and teacher training in e-lesson design.

Educational Tablets

OHR helped develop the educational process in OSHA by introducing school custom tablets that contain all curricula for students in the different grades. OSHA was one of the first schools selected by the Al-Ma’rifa commission to implement the “Dima” project in its elementary education and to introduce smart screens to better the educational process and follow-up with students remotely. In addition, all teachers were trained to use e-learning techniques to provide the best services to students.

Science Laboratory

Science laboratories in schools are very important tools in helping the students visualize theoretical material, conceptualize it, and better their understanding of it. Thus, OSHA contains a science lab that is equipped with all the necessary material to conduct all science experiments the students are to learn.

Psychological Support

School is the second home of students. In schools, students should not only get knowledge, they should also receive values, ethics, guidance, and plenty of other skills that better prepare them for life. Due to the importance of establishing balanced and stable school generations, OSHA has emphasized the role of psychological support in the lives of young students. Psychological support is not only limited to student guidance, but to parents as well. Students’ parents receive educational sessions about how to best treat a child and respond to their needs. Guidance sometimes takes the form of lectures provided to students, teachers, and parents.

Art Activities

OSHA is equipped with a theater that accommodates all the activities to be carried out. Art activities are often educational, and work to help students crystallize their characters and talents. These activities include:

  • Educational activities (guest speakers, various seminars, debates, scientific and trivia competitions).
  • Artistic activities (individual and group drawings, exhibitions of student drawings).
  • Musical activities (purposeful musicals, teaching some musical instruments).
  • Sports activities (simple and purposeful sports competitions).

The theater hall is also used as a reading room during leisure, and it is equipped with a projection screen and a projector to display video contents that compliment the school curriculum.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are of the most advanced educational methods as it teaches students, develops their skills, their competence, their love for the scientific material and their willingness to engage in scientific activities. The most important of these activities are:

  • Physical activities and sports (sport games and scouts).
  • Curriculum-related activities (field visits to forests, landscapes, etc.).
  • Social activities (home visits to students and their families, social events).
  • Scientific and recreational trips.

The Syrians in Reyhanli are eager to register their children at OSHA due to its great reputation and excellence in comparison to other schools in the region. OSHA includes a selection of the best teachers and administrators, high-quality and free-of-charge educational services including school uniforms, stationery, and transportation throughout the school year.

OSHA Statistics

Total number of students in the school






Statistics of HR

  • Orient Teachers
  • Turkish Teachers
  • Staff

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