Orient Mosaic Workshop in Kafr Nabl, Idlib, Syria

Mosaic art is considered one of the most important crafts known to Syria generally and particularly in Kafr Nabl city, Most of the city’s residents and they consider it to be their main source of income. This craft work requires artistic creativity, due to its multiple stages of drawing, cutting, coordinating, and installation.

With the beginning of Syrian revolution the mosaic craft art has stopped, just like any other crafts in Syria, till it was reactivated by Orient for Human Relief, which established Orient mosaic workshop in Kafr Nabl City 01/10/2014, this was done after we noticed the peoples’ desire to restart their mosaic craft careers that they long loved.

The History behind Mosaic Crafts

Kafr Nabl city started working on mosaic art since 1994, and what supported the idea of painting with stones verses oil is the city’s location and the abundance of colored stones there. Mosaic craft has evolved and has been incorporate in a lot of fields. For example: Pottery cladding, with wood, in addition of being used decorations and all kind on trims including mural and floor paintings.

The Manufacture of Mosaic Panels

First the wanted picture will be printed, then the stone pens will be selected, so the colors patterns are similar to those of the printed picture, cut in sizes to suit the place it’s going to be placed at, and finally glued and arranged in an artistic may on the printed photo.
صناعة لوحات الفسيفساء
صناعة لوحات الفسيفساء1

The Director of Orient Mosaic Workshop

Mr. Abdullah Al-Bayoosh the workshop coordinator spoke about the Orient’s role in the restoration of this art saying: “Mosaic craft is very important to Kafr Nabl’s people, because of its role in providing jobs for a large group of people, and also the role of spreading the art and creativity of Syrian to a lot of others as well. And he stated that Orient’s workshop has provided more than “50” job opportunities, some of which are disables individuals who are capable of doing this kind of craft.

Stone Cutter Saw Workshop

Working at Orient’s workshop consumes more than three tons of stones monthly. The stones are not always available, and they are very expensive when found. All of this led Orient to establish a special stone cutter saw workshop in Kafr Nabl. This workshop provides Orient’s mosaic work shop with the stone pens needed, in addition to providing more job opportunities for people.

Production of Giant Mosaic Panel

Orient’s mosaic workshop in Kafr Nabl has revealed the largest project they’ve been working on, which is the largest panorama painting that tells the story of the Syrian revolution during its five years, and this painting consumed more than a million stone during its making.

The production of Orient’s mosaic workshop has reached more than /3,000/ different art pieces, most of which are of various sizes and shapes, and Some were drawings and decorations on walls and furniture.

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