Orient Medical Emergency System, Syria

One of OHR’s main tasks is to provide the necessary emergency services, especially in the areas of northern Syria where air strikes are frequent. Thus, OHR has launched its “Orient Ambulance System”.

Orient Ambulance System is consisted of modern ambulances equipped with all the necessary equipment, and distributed to areas that are most vulnerable to shelling, and to areas of conflict between the Syrian regime and the opposition forces. The ambulance system provides first aid to the injured and ensures their delivery to the nearest medical center, which is often located on the Syrian-Turkish border.

Emergency Units

Each emergency unit consists of an ambulance and an emergency crew.
Ambulances are equipped with the necessary tools to provide adequate emergency services to the injured, including: respirator, simple surgical tools to stop patients’ bleeding, first aid kits, variety of drugs, injections and IV bags.
The emergency crew is consisted of:

General Surgeon

Emergency Medical Technicians (2-3)

Nurses (1-2)


The Targeting of the Ambulance System

Orient Ambulance System began operating in July, 2014 with 8 ambulances, which increased to 18 fully-equipped ambulances in 2016. However, the deliberate shelling of medical centers and targeting of emergency units has left many ambulances severely damaged and nonoperational. These ambulances use electrical systems that cannot be fixed in Syria, and despite its great efforts to fix them, OHR is only left with two fully-operational ambulances.

OHR ambulance system has become one of the most important medical centers in the north of Syria. It is immediately requested after emergencies; it does not limit itself to war injuries, but rather serves all medical conditions requiring an ambulance and access to nearby hospitals, to save the lives of the injured civilians.

Center Statistics

Total number of patients treated in the center


Total minor surgeries performed in emergency units






Statistics of 2018

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