Orient Languages and Computer Center in Reyhanli, Hatay, Turkey

Orient for Human Relief has established language and computer skills learning center within the Orient school in Reyhanli by the beginning of the 2013 school year. This center operated on an academic level in terms of teaching and administrative staff, and the academic courses being taught there. The center was able to achieve remarkable success by starting an English courses based on an internationally recognized curricula such as TOEFL American English based course, and ILETS British English based course, in addition to Turkish and Arabic learning courses (For Turks who wants to learn Arabic).

Language Center Goals

The language center in Reyhanli provided academic support to Syrian and non-Syrian students, especially high school students. The school provided lingual training to students in English and Turkish after determining their level of entry (beginner, immediate, and advanced level), with the ultimate goal of achieving the TOEFL certificate, or Turkish TOMER certificate within six months approximately. The school provided a selection of specialized teachers, and the exams were done in accredited centers. The Language center offered speech courses using internationally accredited curricula. The center witnessed an increasing demand from a lot of students in Reyhanli, as well as some parents who wished to develop their language skills, to adapt to their new lives, and to find job opportunities in Turkey.

Languages taught at the Center

When Orient languages center launched in Reyhanli, it provided English courses, due to this language popularity among Syrian students, as it was included in their academic curricula. Orient after that noticed an increased demand among parents and students to learn Turkish, which led the Orient to start teaching the hosting country official language (Turkish), especially after the Turkish Directorate of education adopted the Turkish language as part of the academic curricula in the refugees’ schools. A large number of Turks came to the center wishing to learn Arabic, which led Orient to start some Arabic classes to non-native speakers.

English Language

Turkish language

Arabic Language

It’s noteworthy that Turkish government sent a number of teachers to teach the Turkish language at the center. The number of participants in the Turkish and English language courses was a surprise. The number of English speech, and academic English students was around thousand students, and the number of Turkish language students was around thousand as well.

Computer Learning Skills in the Center

In addition to the language classes offered by the school, Orient offered practical computer skills classes, such as maintenance, Office software, networks, internet courses, electronic business classes, etc.…. the courses take a place in a classroom equipped with /12/ computers and projectors. The courses are taught by specialized computer engineers. The students achieved a certificate of experience from the center at the end of the course, which supported their resume to find more job opportunities.

Capacity of the Center

The outstanding administrative team in the center divided the taught courses into specified levels taught by different teaching staff. The center used the Orient school in Reyhanli building to provide its different courses which started only 15 minutes after the end of school schedule. The learning courses were divided into three shifts (Two days a week to each course), and three courses a day. The courses were taught by specialized tooters and the Orient school academic staff.

The Cost of Courses and Books at the Center

The center was established specially for Syrian students, and refugees in general, and that’s why all services are offered free of charge such as the course registration and books needed for courses. Orient printed the books used in the courses, and distributes them directly to students. Internationally published and credited books were used in the courses such as: Longman, Oxford, and Cambridge. Modern and high quality audio equipment was used in the courses, because the basis of learning a language is careful listening, in order for students to learn the correct pronunciation.

The Orient center for languages and computer skills in Reyhanli became a destination for those who wished to improve themselves, and it operated for two years till the Orient school was closed. After the Orient school in Reyhanli was closed, a new high achievers school was established, and it continued the Orient mission in providing language and computer skills courses for students via summer school activities.

Center Statistics

Total number of students in the center





Statistics of HR

  • English Teachers
  • Turkish Teachers
  • Arabic Teachers

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