Orient for Human Relief provides protective supplies against coronavirus

Orient for Human Relief in cooperation with Multifaith Alliance provided the center of precautionary quarantine in western Idlib with protective supplies, including clothing and masks.

The importance of the center lies in quarantining persons suspected to be infected with coronavirus under the supervision of specialized medical staff. Supporting the center by Orient is within the rapid response campaign to prevent coronavirus that it launched months ago in the liberated areas.

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread in most of the world and the number of infected people and deaths mount, Orient for Human Relief has sounded the alarm and taken precautionary and preventive steps to avoid the spread of the virus in the liberated areas of northwestern Syria by launching an emergency response campaign in cooperation with Multifaith Alliance. The latest activities of the campaign were supporting the precautionary health center in western Idlib with protective supplies.

The center of preventive quarantine has recently received more than two hundred people suspected to be infected with the coronavirus. They undergo tests and are monitored in all the quarantine days under the supervision of specialized medical staff. This is a precaution step against the possible spread and transmission of the virus.

The activities of the emergency response campaign launched by Orient months ago to prevent coronavirus varied, from the ongoing awareness campaigns in the camps as well as distributing protective supplies to hospitals and health centers, in particular setting up camps to alleviate overpopulation and achieve conditions of social distancing amid the largest wave of displacement and housing crisis that the region has witnessed lately.

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