Orient Dental Center in Reyhanli, Hatay, Turkey

Dental Treatment and its attire and machines is considered to be significantly pricy, especially for the /650,000/ Syrian Refugees in Hatay Area, and considering the absence of such agencies that provide free dental services, Orient for Human Relief was driven to establish “Orient dental Center in Reyhanli”, and to provide it with all necessary supplies, as well as offering all services free of charge.

Orient for Human Relief has begun dental care in “Orient Outpatient Clinics in Reyhanli”, by allocating four clinics to do this task, and by preparing an elaborated laboratory for dental prostheses. When the organization noticed the increased number of visitors to these clinics (especially among kids, women, and seniors), they decided to establish separate dental clinics immediately in April 2017, and to establish a separate independent dental care unit.

Center Divisions

1- Reception section: Equipped with a waiting room that can fit all the patients, and a (number screen), to display patient’s number according to each clinic.
2- Five Dental Clinics:

  • Orthodontist clinic for schoolgirls.
  • Dental crowns and Bridges clinic.
  • Oral Surgery clinic.
  • Two general Dentistry clinics.

3- Department of Radiology: Equipped with a modern panorama imaging machine.
4- Dental prostheses lab.
5- Department of sterilization.

The Ability of the Center

  • Orient Dental Care Clinic welcomes about /200/ patients daily, divided between new cases and follow ups.
  • The reception employees will direct the patient to the specialty clinic according to his/her Chief complain or preference, via electronic referral system that connect all center divisions.
  • If the patient needed a panoramic imaging of the teeth, it will be performed immediately at the radiology department.
  • But when dental prostheses are needed, the dentist will take measurements and send them to the lab, which in turn will process them as soon as possible.
  • There is a small pharmacy in the center , which provides the necessary medications and treatment related to dental care services for no charge, such as: Painkillers, antibiotics, and anti-fungal treatments, etc.
  • Some minor dental surgeries will be performed at the center as well, such as dental extraction.

Center Statistics

The total number of visiting patients at the center


No. of Minor Surgeries in the Center


No. of Panorama Imaging provided to Patients


No. of Dental Prostheses provided to Patients


No. of Medications distributed to Patients


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