Orient Dental Center in Antakya, Hatay, Turkey

Orient for Human Relief has established a new dental Center in the Turkish city Antakya, in corporation with the Turkish Health Directorate, This center provides free dental care services to all Syrian refugees in Hatay state.

Orient for Human Relief has established this dental center on its own expense, which included five dental clinics provided with the most modern medical equipment, in addition to a pediatric dental care clinic, which is considered to be the first of its kind in Hatay state. The center is provided with panoramic radiology machine, which is a very advanced technology that will help serve the largest number possible of refugees in this state.

Director General of Orient for Human Relief

Dr. Ammar Martini the director general of Orient for Human Relief stated: “the main goal behind establishing the dental center that serve Syrian patients free of charge is to alleviate the burden on Syrian refugees, which their financial situations prevents them from being able to afford dental care, as it is very pricy in Turkey compared to refugees limited resources”.
Martini” expressed that he hoped this center will be a successful experience that will lead to establish more centers in other Turkish states in corporation with the Turkish ministry of health, to manage the career of dentistry in particular.

Center Departments

1- The reception area: which is provided by three computers to facilitate the patients registration process.
2- Five dental care clinics: that welcomes both men and women.
3- Pediatric dental care unit: with special set up, to encourage little ones to get there treatments.
4- Radiology department: provided with a modern panoramic imaging system.
5- Sterilization department: provided with autoclaves that fits all equipment used in the dental center.
جهاز بانوراما في سنية أنطاكية

The director of Health in Antakya

The opening of Orient dental Center was attended by the director general on Health in Antakya, and he expressed his happiness for establishing this center, and about the collaboration between the Turkish Ministry of Health, and Orient for Human Relief, which has been always extraordinary with its medical services provided to Syrians. He confirmed that Orient for Human Relief has always followed the regulations and rules enforced by the Turkish Health Ministry. The number of patients that the center will welcome daily is expected to be /150/ patients.

This established center in Antakya will be added to the “Orient dental center in Reyhanli, Turkey“, which provided medical services for Syrians free of cost.

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