Medical Referral Center in Idlib City, Syria

Syrian regime has targeted medical centers and hospitals intentionally and directly in most of the areas beyond its control. The Syrian Regime has caused the fall of a large number of deaths and injuries among medical staff, paramedics, and patients, in addition to the destruction of facilities and the medical equipment and attire inside those facilities. All of this drove the Orient for Human Relief to implement the “Medical Referrals System”.

Medical Referral System

The most important feature of the referral medical system is avoiding patients and medical staff gathering in large numbers at one place, thus reducing the likelihood of being bombed, which will increase the feeling of assurance when patients visit any independent clinic.
The medical referral system works on creating sporadic clinics, by either providing clinics with equipment at the expense of Orient for Human Relief, or by contracting with an already existing and well established specialty clinics, and then refer patients to those clinics to receive services free of charge.
Medical Referral Center in Idlib City19

The following clinics were operated at the Center

Internal Medicine Clinic

Gynecology Clinic

Pediatrics Clinic

General Medicine Clinic

ENT Clinic

Nutrition Clinic

Psychology Clinic

Social Health Clinic

Medical referrals at the clinics of Idlib City were halted by the end of 12/2017, and the clinics were transformed into one center under the name “Orient Medical Assembly in Idlib“. The center was thoroughly supplied with medical equipment and medications.

Center Statistics

The total number of treated patients in the center


Total number of medications distributed by the center


Number of medical tests performed at the center


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