Leishmaniasis Treatment Center in Armanaz, Idlib, Syria

“Leishmania” infection or “Aleppo boil” has spread recently among so many areas in Syria, and it has been noticed that number of cases has increases significantly in (Armanaz) and the general northern Idleb countryside. All of this was attributed to the lack of sewage systems, and the non-removal of waste on a daily basis, as well as the spread of contaminated water swamps close to residential areas, and all of that might foreshadow a future health disaster.

Orient for Human Relief opened a specialized center to treat Leishmaniasis in October 2015 in Armanaz city. The center was provided with specialized dermatologists, and an adequate quantity of medications and injections, in addition to a periodic follow up visits for each patient, that ranges from two month to a year, depending on the severity of the case.

The Causes and Symptoms of the Disease

The disease is transmitted by an insect called “sand fly” not more the size of a regular mosquito. It is yellow colored, moves by jumping, silent, and that’s why it can bite a person without he/she feeling it. This insect is active mostly at night time all year long except for winter, and it lives in wet places, and lives off the remains of dead plants and manure.
The symptoms of Leishmaniasis first starts as red dots on patient’s skin, that turns into a red boil, and then into a small knot. The infection is not painful, and it is usually covered with a skin crust that might ulcer and get inflamed, which will result in a deformed scar, if not treated early.

Leishmaniasis Prevention Methods

  • Elimination sand flies that carry the disease by using pesticides available, especially in places of reproduction.
  • Improving the sewer systems, and filling swamps and marshes, and cleaning waste.
  • Avoid the exposure to those insects by living away from them, or wearing thick clothing.
  • Using mosquito nets during sleeping, or photovoltaic devises that electrify insects and kill them.
  • insects repellants can be applied directly on the skin or clothing.

Armanaz Health Center Coordinator

There has been do many cases of Leishmaniasis in and around the city of Armanaz, especially after the increased number of displaced people to the area from Der AL-zoar, Ma’aret Al-nu’man and El-ghouta. The disease is usually transmitted from the infected person to the well person by the female sand fly.
Orient center has recorded the increased number of infected cases, which reached more than /230/ new cases monthly in the summer of 2018, in addition to the regular follow up cases which ranges between 800 tp 9—case, where each patient is assigned at least one or two visits a month at the center.

Orient for Human Relief advises all people showing signs of Leishmaniasis, to head to any of Orient medical centers, and to not ignore the symptoms, which will lead to the condition worsening, which will lead to irreversible deformities the will be hard to fix in the future. Orient for human relief continues to provide the necessary treatment free of charge for all registered cases.

Center Statistics

The total number of visiting patients at the center






Statistics of 2018

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