Humanitarian-Aid Campaign for Affected IDPs in Camps of Northern Syria

As a result of heavy rain storms hitting the camps of northern Syria, Orient for Human Relief (OHR) launched an emergency relief campaign to help the affected populations. The campaign was carried out in three stages, each stage targeted certain camps, prioritizing the most severely affected.

Poor living conditions, with a severely cold and rainy winter,” all of which are factors that exaggerate the suffering of IDPs in the camps of northern Syria, who have little to no aid.

Cooperation with the Alliance of Religions

In response to the increasing needs arising from the deterioration of camps’ conditions in the winter, OHR, in cooperation with the Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees, launched a campaign this winter targeting the most remote and in-need camps, which have yet to receive any aid or relief items.

Types of Relief Items

The distributed relief items included: some basic foodstuffs; personal hygiene items; cooking utensils and water purifiers; iron-rich nutrients ( soluble iron fish with food ), etc.
حملة مساعدات إغاثية للمحتاجين في بعض مخيمات الشمال السوري3
حملة مساعدات إغاثية للمحتاجين في بعض مخيمات الشمال السوري2
حملة مساعدات إغاثية للمحتاجين في بعض مخيمات الشمال السوري1

Through this campaign, OHR aims to relief the suffering of affected displaced populations in northern camps by providing them with free humanitarian and medical support, through its projects and staff deployed across Syria.

More Relief Services

Relief Services

Food Supplements
Food Packages
Hygiene Kits
Clothes Kids
Flour (Kg)
Wool Blankets
Education supplies
Atropine Shots
Pyrene (kg)
Kirk Vitamin
Multivitamins kids

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