“Defa Orient” Winter Relief Campaign for North IDPs’ Camps

    As a result of heavy rain storms hitting the camps of northern Syria, Orient for Human Relief (OHR) launched an…

    Humanitarian-Aid Campaign for Affected IDPs in Camps of Northern Syria

    As a result of heavy rain storms hitting the camps of northern Syria, Orient for Human Relief (OHR) launched an…

    Tribute to Civil Defense Force, a.k.a. the White Helmets, and its management in Idlib city

    Promoted by the needs of our fellow Syrians in Government-free territories to radiography services support most of which are out-of-budget,…

    Participation in the Evacuation of the Displaced from Damascus Countryside

    Orient for Human Relief has participated in evacuating people from Damascus countryside, and mobilized all medical staff at the emergency…

    Establishing a camp in rural Idleb for the displaced from rural Damascus

    Orient for human relief has established a camp in Idleb's countryside for the dislocated who fled Rural Damascus. The camp…

    Support for Refugees on the Greek-Macedonian Border

    The crises of Syrian refugees stranded on the Greek-Macedonian border prompted Orient for human reliefs to provide the aid and…

    Carrying out an Anti-scabies Campaign in Bordering Camps

    Orient for Human Relief started a campaign to end scabies infestations in some of the bordering camps, and offered the…

    Distribution of the Assistance by Syrian Humanitarian Forum

    Syrian Humanitarian Forum in Germany which is supervised by a number of Syrian Youth distributed a variety of relief items,…

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