Distribution of the Assistance by Syrian Humanitarian Forum

Medical instruments and equipment and food, in addition to variety of relief items, were entered to Syria by the Syrian Humanitarian Forum and was passed to Orient for Human Relief so it can be distributed by them.

Orient for Human Relief has helped facilitating goods importation and their delivery to the warehouses of Atmeh bordering hospitals, to start distributing the goods to the needy of Syrian people, and a way from any political orientation.

Syrian Humanitarian Forum Coordinator

Orient for Human Relief main goal is Humanitarian relief, and we are always trying to provide medical needs basically, and children food, and We have found the organization we have been missing in the Orient for Human Relief work.

Improving Medical Services

The medical instrument and surgical equipment given by the Syrian Humanitarian Forum and other organizations was used in the Orient’s hospitals, and that reflected positively on the quality of health care and the overall medical out come of patients.

Atme Hospital Manager

First of all we would like to thank the Syrian Humanitarian Forum in Germany for all their efforts. Orient for Human Relief is distributing all the relief items on people in need in the camps and inside Syria.

The trust of the donors give Orient and its wide popularity in the Syrian territories, drove them to consider the Orient the top of their options to oversee the distribution of relief and medical help.

More Relief Services

Relief Services

Food Supplements
Food Packages
Hygiene Kits
Clothes Kids
Flour (Kg)
Wool Blankets
Education supplies
Atropine Shots
Pyrene (kg)
Kirk Vitamin
Multivitamins kids

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