Distribution of Gas Masks with Atropine Injections inside Syria

With the increased chemical attacks Syria has witnessed, Orient for Human Relief worked on distributing gas protective masks to humanitarian workers, paramedics, nurses, and some locals who lived close to the bombing locations.

Orient for Human Relief started distributing gas masks in batches depending on the demand and the most chemical attacked and targeted locations, and Orient distributed more than /2,000/ gas mask inside Syria.

Paramedic from Orient for Human Relief

We work according to Orient’s plan, and working on distributing poisonous gas protective masks especially Sarin gas to all of the health and medical staff that are currently working inside Syria, and this represents the second stage of the campaign after we distributed atropine injection in the first stage.

Gas Masks

Orient for Human Relief is keen to select the best quality gas masks, so it will be able to protect the medical staff from inhaling any harmful substances, and to ensure that they will be able to perform their humanitarian missions. Gas masks combined with their special refineries are stored in the medical warehouses, and organized according to their sizes, so it will be distributed later in the proportion to the size of each paramedic.

Atropine Injections

After the massacre that took place in Eastern-Ghouta in Damascus August 21st 2013, Orient for Human relief decided to distribute more than /500,000/ injections of Atropine to most of the hospitals inside Syria to treat cases of Sarin gas poisoning.

Orient for Human relief confirms that most of the cases injured with poisonous gases was documented by Orient’s documentation and human rights center, with pinpointing the bombing location and the number of dead and injured.

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