Distribution of Flour to the Besieged Locations in Syrian North

Distributing food supplies to the affected people in Syria is one of Orient for Human Relief top priorities. Food supplies include flour ti make bread as well as food baskets distribution to the people in need located in the affected Syrian regions.

With the continuation of the barbaric attacks committed by Syrian regime and his militias particularly the northern regions, and with starvation technique regime is applying to the Syrian people, by cutting off all food supplies and particularly fluor which is the main nutrient among Syrians, as its it’s the main ingredient of “bread”.

The Flour batch before Eid

In order to compensate for the food shortage, and as a form of support to people and their resistance against the barbaric besiege implemented by Assad and his militias, Orient for Human Relief have distributed more than /100/ Tons of flour to the Syrian interior in conjunction with the Holy Adha Eid.

The distribution of flour to the local bread factories

The flour given by Orient for Human Relief will be distributed to the local bread factories that has stopped because of the attacks and besiege, and the people of the affected regions will be able to get the bread they need.

More than /500/ tons of flour

Orient for Human Relief continues to send more flour batches to the Syrian Interior.

The amount of distributed flour has reached more than 500 tons.

Orient for Human Relief is contributing to more humanitarian work which includes the financial support for the injured patients families and the distribution of food baskets to the families and people of the areas that is witnessing a harsh war.

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