Carrying out an Anti-scabies Campaign in Bordering Camps

Most of the refugee camps are suffering from poor survives especially hygiene and general health, which made the camps more susceptible to diseases than other areas. Scabies infestation is spreading widely among refugees in the camp, thus Orient for Human Relief has started a campaign against it in the camps.

Orient for Human Relief has started a campaign against scabies infestations in some bordering camps, and sent a specialized medical team immediately to examine possible infected patients and give the appropriate treatment to each case.

The Director of the Al-Takhi Camp

We have so many cases of scabies, and ofcourse the main reason is the poor water supply and poor health services, and this lead to decrease the times refugees shower and the spread of scabies. The number of scabies cases has reached more than /135/ case among /275/ families living in the camp. We pledge all the organization and foremost of which Orient for Human Relief to establish water supply and bathrooms in the camp, as well as a permanent medical point.

Medical Treatment

Orient for Human Relief distributed “Benzyl Benzoate” which is designed to treat extreme skin allergies ex: Cortical skin infection resulted from poor personal hygiene.

Orient Campaign Coordinator

Our health centers located near camps have witnessed a large number of scabies cases, and that what lead Orient for Human Relief to start the campaign to fight against scabies infestation. The campaign included a number of camps like: Al-Zouf camp, Hamam Al-Sheikh Essa Camp, Al-Takhi camp, Al-Safsafa camp, etc..

Orient for human Relief have contributed in the distribution of close to /2,500/ personal hygiene kitsfor some patients to help reducing their suffering, and to control the spread of scabies.

More Relief Services

Relief Services

Food Supplements
Food Packages
Hygiene Kits
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Flour (Kg)
Wool Blankets
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