Camp for the displaced from rural Damascus

Orient for human relief has established a camp in Idleb’s countryside for the dislocated who fled Rural Damascus. The camp has 150 tents equipped with basic necessities. Sewer system and public utilities was established by “Othman Ben Affan” foundation.

The Orient for Human Relief Foundation established a camp for displaced people after their tents were burnt down and dozens of them were displaced in early May 2017 in the northern Jisr al-Shughour countryside in Idlib province. Their camp was targeted by unmanned Missiles believed to be Russian. The camp will also receive families forcibly displaced from Eastern Damascus.

Project Coordinator

In Response to the need of our people in Darkoosh Camps after it was targeted, and after the fire of “Aleppo Camp 2”, Orient Camp was built in that location. This establishment was accompanied by the increased humanitarian needs that were resulted from displaced people that came from the towns of Barza, Qaboon in Damascus, and Alwaar in Homs.

Camp Manager

We appealed to all charitable associations and foundations, including the Orient for Human Relief, which provided us with /150/ tents with their internal accommodations.

Camp preparation

The camp is composed of /150/ tents equipped with all the necessities. Those tents were built after the installation of the sewer system and public utilities by “Othman Ben Affan” organization.

The border camps are experiencing difficult humanitarian conditions in terms of poor services and dilapidated tents and lack of support provided to them, which is limited to local institutions and organizations. All of that was accompanied by the increase of the influx of forcibly displaced people to Idlib province, where the number of arrivals reached more than /10,000/ in May alone.

Orient for Human Relief is one of the relief organization that responded to the refugees and the forcibly displaced people and their needs in “Aleppo Camp 2” after the fire that burnt their tents down. As well as the dozens of displaced families that left their homes in the cities and towns of Barza, Qaboon, and Teshreen.

Orient for human Relief has worked previously with the Kuwait Organization on establishing a model camp with /750/ tents. The Camp was fully equipped with medical supplies, electric generators, in addition to the establishment of a bakery that is capable of baking more than a 1000 bread bags every day. That bread will be distributed to the displaced people of the camp.

More Relief Services

Relief Services

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