Bariqa OBJYN Hospital in Qunaitra, Syria

With the expansion of Orient for Human Relief in Southern Syria, Bariqa Hospital for Obstetrics and Gynocology in Qunaitira city is considered now one of the Orient sponsored hospitals. This hospital has been really popular among patients, even the ones that live far away, and that is attributed to the high quality of medical care offered by this hospital, especially delivery operations and neonatal care after birth.

In an effort to ease the siege imposed on the cities of Daraa and Qunaitira in the Syrian south, Orient for Human Relief signed a memorandum of understanding with the directorate of Bariqa hospital on 15/03/2018 In the effort of providing all medical equipment and attire necessary to the hospital, after collaborating with “Alliance of religions for Syria organization“, in addition to paying all the hospital expenses, considering the hospital to be the only one providing a variety of medical services to the locals and the displaced in the area, including surgeries and rehabilitation.

Bariqa Hospital Departments

  • Reception Area: to register patients and direct them to the specialty clinic.
  • Emergency Department: Provided with fully equipped ambulance.
  • Hospitalization Section: in the hospital there are around /30/ beds for admitted patients, especially after surgeries or deliveries.
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: which includes /4/ units with complete therapeutic equipment for newborns.
  • Labor Department.
  • Intensive care unit: Provided with three surgical beds.
  • Pharmacy: which provides medicine free of charge for patients.
  • Laboratory: equipped with the most modern machines, capable of processing a variety of needed tests in the hospital.
  • Operating Rooms: there are two surgical halls equipped with the best surgical instruments.
  • Medical Clinics: there are /4/ clinics:

Internal Medicine Clinic

Obstetric Gynecology Clinic

Pediatric Clinic

Surgical Clinic

Bariqa Hospital Staff

The Hospital is staffed with an elite of /64/ doctors, nurses, and technicians, distributes in the hospital departments as follows:

Doctors: /6/ doctors with a variety of specialties and experiences.

Nurses: /25/ nurses of males and females, /6/ of which have midwifery competence.

Technicians: /9/ technicians distributed between the laboratory and the pharmacy.

Safety and Security: /12/ workers most which work as hospital Security guards.

Administrative services: /13/ worker among them are (a driver, maintenance worker, warehouse supervisor, and housekeeper)

Bariqa hospital receives about /2,400/ patients monthly, most of which are women and children, and most operations and C-sections are performed in the hospital. Bariqa Hospital operates 24 hours a day using multiple shift system, in addition to Al-madina (Crossing ) hospital which is sponsored by Orient as well, to provide the best medical serviced for Syrian patients in south Syria.

Hospital Statistics

Total number of patients treated in the hospital


Number of babies that Required NICU in the hospital


Number of major surgeries in the hospital


Number of admitted and hospitalized patients in the hospital


Total number of natural and C-section deliveries in the hospital


Number of medical tests done in the hospital


Number of minor surgeries in the hospital


The total number of medications distributed by the hospital pharmacy


Patients Statistics in 2018

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