Al-Madina Surgical Hospital in Qunaitra, Syria

Al-Madina hospital in Qunaitira is one of the most important hospital in the Syrian south. It is known in the region as the “Crossing Hospital”, because its located on the border with Golan. Orient for Human Relief was able to reach that hospital after several attempts, and Orient has brought in a large amount of medical and relief assistant.

Al-Madina hospital provides a variety of medical services and surgical operations to most of locals in Qunaitira and Daraa city, as well as a large number of displaced Syrian people in that area. Therefor Orient for Human Relief started supporting that hospital with the necessary medical Specialty staff and provided all necessary medical equipment and supplies, and that was in coordination with “Alliance of Religions for Syria” organization.

Alliance of Religions for Syria Organization

It is a humanitarian organization that specialized in the delivery of medical and relief assistant to the damaged hard to reach area, and it includes hundreds of Humanitarian Organizations one of which is Orient for Human Relief.
Alliance of Religions Organization was able to overcome the complexity of the Sieged areas in the Syrian south imposed by Syrian Regime, by opening a safe humanitarian crossing to bring aid through the Golan area. Giving the sensitivity of the Syrian southern boarder with Israel for Relief organizations, the Alliance of Religions for Syria operates independent of political subjects or orientations, and facilitates the entry of medical containers to the Orient hospitals in Qunaitira.

Director General of Orient for Human Relief

Dr. Ammar Martini stated that Orient for Human Relief expanded its activities in the Syrian South, and prepared two hospitals in cooperation with Alliance of Religions for Syria organization.
He confirmed the necessity of separating relief work from politics when he said: “When I cannot save patients’ lives by the regime that is killing people, I will look for other path, because as a doctor my first concern is providing medicine and treatment for people, and it’s a shame to politicize people’s sorrows. We as a humanitarian Organization don’t interfere with Political issues, and we operates within the scope of the Humanitarian Alliance that brings together Organizations of all Religions.”

Al-Madina Hospital Departments

  • Reception Area: to register patients and direct them to the specialty clinic.
  • Emergency Department: to treat emergency cases.
  • Hospitalization Section: in the hospital there are around /16/ medical beds for admitted patients, especially after surgeries.
  • Radiology Department.
  • Intensive care unit.
  • Pharmacy: provides a variety of medications to patients free of charge.
  • Medical Testing Laboratory: provided with the best testing machines.
  • Operating Rooms: Currently the hospital is provided with one fully equipped operating room.
  • Medical Clinics: there are /6/ clinics:

Al-Madina Hospital in Qunaitra (7)

Internal Medicine Clinic

Orthopedic Clinic

ENT Clinic

OBGYN Clinic

Nephrology Clinic

Surgical Clinic

Al-Madina Hospital Staff

The hospital employs an elite selection of doctors, nurses, and technicians, with a total number of /61/ people, distributed as follows:

Doctors: /9/ doctors with a variety of specialties and experience.

Nurses: /20/ female and male nurses, distributed among all hospital departments.

Technicians: /9/ technicians distributed among the lab., radiology department, and pharmacy.

Safety and Security: /12/ worker most of which are employed as security guards in the hospital.

Administrative services: /11/ worker employed as: (PR, accountant, driver, warehouse supervisor, and housekeeper).

Al-Madina hospital receives about /2,500/ patients per month, and most types of general surgeries are performed there. The hospital operates at all times using multiple shifts system, in addition to Bariqa hospital for obstetrics and Gynecology, which is sponsored by Orient for Human Relief as well, to offer the best medical services in the Syrian South.

Hospital Statistics

Total number of treated patients in the hospital


Number of medical tests performed at the hospital


Total number of major surgeries performed at the hospital


Total number of minor surgeries performed at the hospital


Number of admitted and hospitalized patients in the hospital


Number of radiology images performed at the hospital


Total number of medications distributed by the hospital pharmacy


Patients Statistics in 2018

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