Al-Kindi OBJYN Hospital in Idlib City, Syria

Al-Kindi Hospital is the second biggest hospital in Idleb City after Al-Majd Hospital. The hospital has faced a serious lack of support, medications, and medical supplies. Thus, Orient for Human Relief had fully sponsored it for three month starting March of 2018, by paying doctors, nurses, and staff salaries, in addition to the operational cost, medical equipment, and medications.

The following clinics were operated at the hospital

Gynecology Clinic

Pediatrics Clinic

Nutrition Clinic

After opening several hospitals in Qunaitra City and getting more involved in the Southern parts of Syria, Orient for Human Relief ceased to support the Al-kindi Hospital at Idlib city by the end of 05/2018, and handed it over, fully-equipped, to the local council in the region to carry on its operation.

Hospital Statistics

The total number of treated patients in the hospital


Number of medical tests performed at the hospital


Number of major surgeries in the hospital


Number of babies born in the hospital


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